Our Caring and Dedicated Staff

Jennifer Oxford;

House Manager


Jennifer Oxford;

House Manager


Jennifer Oxford;

House Manager


Rachel Ausbern;

Program Director

Rachel is in long-term recovery and has several years of experience in management positions with various sober living homes. Her personal journey into recovery began with her residing in sober living and she credits part of her success in sobriety today with having had that experience. She is an active volunteer and mentor in the local recovery and treatment community. Rachel is passionate about her relationship with her higher power, her family, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and continued recovery related service work. She also believes that the disease of addiction can be arrested by actively working on one’s spiritual condition, through body, mind and spirit.


Kim Livesay, LCDC; 

Legacy House Founder

Kim is the founder of Legacy House. She is married with four children and lives in Magnolia, Texas. Her previous work experience includes the role of Program Counselor for La Hacienda Treatment Center in College Station.  She gained hands on experience over many years working as a Substance Abuse Counselor in various state institutions.  Kim is in long- term recovery and has spent the last several years volunteering within numerous 12-step groups/programs in her community.

The struggle of addiction and the beauty and freedom of recovery is very personal to Kim, she is passionate about what she does and considers her work with those striving towards recovery a “calling” and an opportunity to share what was offered to her many years ago in her pursuit for sobriety. She is a big believer in the “spiritual” aspect of recovery, paying it forward and – most importantly - leading by example.


Kristine Goytia;

Live-In House Manager

This year Legacy House was blessed to add Kristine Goytia as our new live-in house manager.   Kristine brings her experience from working in recovery communities in both the Bronx, New York (where she grew up) and West Palm Beach, Florida.  She believes the support system and fellowship in recovery empowers women to achieve long term sobriety.


When not sharing her knowledge, wisdom, strength and hope with others.  She loves cleaning, cooking and gardening.  A dream vacation for her would include motorcycles, ATV's and jet skis.